My week at Unsworth Sugden – Georgia Gilbert

This week, 14 year old Georgia joined us to learn the ins and outs of the PR industry, before heading back to school to begin her GCSE’s. We spoke to Georgia to learn more about her time within the PR team.

My week at Unsworth Sugden

My name is Georgia Gilbert. I am 14 years old and a Year 10 student. At school I study media as one of my GCSE options and I am pretty certain that I want to go down that career path when I leave school. When I am 16, I want to either go to college and study media or get an apprenticeship to do with media/PR.

I chose to come to Unsworth Sugden for my work experience because I have always enjoyed media and I felt it would give me an idea of what the profession is like. I thought it would help me to decide if I want to go forward with studying media after my GCSEs. Also, I felt it would show me a different side of media that I don’t see at school and help me develop my more skills.

I wanted experience in PR because I didn’t know what area of media I wanted to study when I’m older. I like writing reports and I thought seeing what it’s like to actually work with media and PR rather than just study it would be a good idea. I also think PR is most likely the area of media I will focus on when I leave school.

188bet手机客户端My time at Unsworth Sugden has involved being set tasks like writing social media reports, press releases and finding out about different building/housing companies and their competitors.

My favorite part of being at Unsworth Sugden was writing the press releases and seeing how different the work environment is to school. Also I loved meeting everyone and seeing what they do every day at work.

188bet手机客户端I think the team at Unsworth Sugden are amazing! I have really enjoyed my week here. Everyone is so friendly and helpful, and have been made to feel very welcome by everyone.

From my week of being here it has helped me realise that I most likely want to pursue a career in PR/marketing. I think if you are interested in PR/media you should definitely look at Unsworth Sugden as they are a great agency with really friendly workers.